Thursday, March 14, 2013

Time Flies: Airplane Birthday Party

Brenner's party was sort of thrown together last minute.

I think part of the reason was that I was in major denial that my baby wasn't going to be a baby anymore. 

So I was doing that whole, if I don't plan it, maybe it won't actually be true thing. 

Strangely, it doesn't work like that.


I found the invitations on Etsy, from the Parchment Paper.

Simple and cute.

Maybe too simple.  I lacked inspiration.


And then my girl, Alicia, over at Palmetto Prints (please go check out her darling invites!) saved the day with these adorable printables that gave me the boost I needed.

Water bottle labels - Parchment Papers
Then I sort of just shopped our house for everything else.

Made Nate Berkus proud.

Flowers brought home to me by Brecken the night before.  Needed to display.

Pilot hat from here.

I even took the time to update Brenner's baby book.

Book from here.

I hit up Costco for all food choices, because with babies and toddlers, this girl wasn't prepping anything.

And then of course, little man got his first real taste of sugar.

I had high hopes that we would be adding another sweet tooth to the family.

Brecken LOVED his cake.

Brenner.  Well....

His brother even tried to show him how you do it...

It was his party, and he was going to cry if he wanted to.

I think by far, my most favorite thing from the party, was Brenner's "Time Flies" pennant banner I made that now hangs in his room. {Tutorial here}

I loved just going through all of our pictures, seeing how much he has changed, and blossomed, in the last year.

So there you have it.  

Party details.

And my baby isn't a baby anymore. 

Wah wah.

**To follow along on other boy birthday party ideas, you can check out my {Pin}spiration board on Pinterest**

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  1. Cute! I love the garland with the photos. Nice work!


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